Professional Reviews

Mark Huxsoll
Director, Temple University Music Preparatory Division

An iconic teacher of young violinists in Philadelphia has recently relocated to the Boulder area. After an illustrious career in Philadelphia, Julian Meyer has made the choice to be close to his daughter and granddaughter in Boulder.

Julian Meyer has taught for Temple Music Prep for over 35 years, and has also maintained relationships with other music and educational organizations, as well as conducting one of the most in-demand private studios in Philadelphia. He also was one of Philadelphia’s Suzuki approach pioneers via his work with the Institute of Human Potential. During his time here, Mr. Meyer has produced numerous young competition winners, and forwarded students on to eventually attend the Curtis Institute, Juilliard School, Temple University’s Boyer College, and many other high-quality institutions.

Perhaps his most noteworthy young pupil was virtuoso Sarah Chang. Julian Meyer was Sarah’s first teacher at Music Prep, and her prodigious development and rapid accomplishment served as part of the impetus for the founding of our Center for Gifted Young Musicians. Many of Philadelphia’s musicians, including members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, have chosen Julian as their young children’s first violin teacher. Collegiate faculty and pedagogy teachers have made him the “go-to” instructor for student observations.

In auditions, competitions, recitals, ensembles and all aspects of performance, his students are known for their tone, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, musicality, and exemplary setup/position. Perhaps even more important than these quality fundamentals is the joy of music making exhibited by his students. His influence is evident throughout our program and beyond with the many well-trained violinists he has sent forth. Julian Meyer is beloved for his remarkable lifetime of inspired violin teaching. Philadelphia will miss him and his influence.

Mr. Meyer is seeking to build a relationship with students and colleagues in the Boulder area. I offered to help make contacts and emphasize his outstanding accomplishments and wisdom in all things violin which may provide Boulder with this remarkable pedagogue’s successful approach.



Helen Kwalwasser
Professor Emerita, Temple University

I have known Julian Meyer for several years, from his college days, when he was my student, and subsequently when he became a well-known teacher in Philadelphia.

As the successful teacher that he is, he most importantly has instilled in his students a great love of music and the fun that studying the violin should be and so seldom is. Many of the students that he started and then passed on to me, are full-fledged professional violinists, very well schooled and still in love with playing the instrument.

He adores music and teaching, and that is an enormous benefit to all the children who are lucky enough to study with him. I am very proud of him and his success.



Maestro Luis Biava
Member of the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington
Principal of the Second Violins, The Philadelphia Orchestra
Artistic Director and Conductor,Temple University Symphony Orchestra and Temple Youth Chamber Orchestra
Artistic and Music Director, Festival of the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of the Americas
Senior and Artistic Administrator and Conductor, Pacific Music Festival, Sapporo, Japan
Music Director, Colombia Symphony Orchestra

I have known Professor Julian Meyer for more than 40 years. He has always impressed me as a very wonderful pedagogue.

As an experienced violin teacher he is able to draw the best resources and talent from so many students under his guidance. One of his most famous students that I had the opportunity to conduct was concert violinist Sara Chang when she was only 6 years old.

I have the highest regard and respect for Mr. Meyer's artistry and for his invaluable contribution and benefit to the students and our Music Preparatory School at Temple University.



CJ Chang
Principal Violist, The Philadelphia Orchestra
Professor, Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Founding member and violist, Johannes String Quartet

Julian Meyer has been one of the most important music teachers in the Philadelphia area for decades for his expertise on how to get young students interested and motivated in music while teaching them the right way to play the violin.



Hirono Oka
Violinist, Philadelphia orchestra
Faculty, Temple University and its music preparatory division.

During my 30 plus Years of teaching, Mr. Meyer has sent me several of his young students and I have been very impressed with every one of them. Their basic technique is so well taught and the kids are all remarkably disciplined. The kids here will miss Mr. Meyer but I am sure that he will make kids there happy.



Elizabeth Pitcairn
Celebrated American violin virtuoso
Soloist, New York String Orchestra
Soloist, Philadelphia Orchestra
Artistic Director, Luzerne Chamber Music Festival
Faculty, Colburn School of Performing Arts

Studying with Mr. Meyer started the love affair I have with the violin today.

He thoroughly taught me all the important basics: technique, musicality and phrasing and repertoire. With Mr. Meyer, lessons were always intense and fun. I looked forward to his warmth and caring and kindness, but also his expectations of excellence. His students were winning the Philadelphia Orchestra competition, one after another including his own son, Aaron Meyer, who soloed at age 12 with the orchestra. We were all in awe. A new student came in to his studio that blew us all away with her talent, a six year old named Sarah Chang. I was fortunate enough to be in the orchestra when she made her debut on the Bruch Concerto at age six. We are still good friends today, and she is on the advisory board of my summer music camp for motivated young instrumentalists, called Luzerne Music Center. Mr. Meyer is currently sending his students there. It is amazing to think that I am teaching and nurturing the young talents of my former teacher.

It is a great honor that he puts his trust in me. I had five wonderful years from age 8 to 12 of lessons, concerts and competitions with Mr. Meyer. One of my strongest memories is the Ziggy character that sat on his music shelf in his teaching studio emblazoned with the words: "I love a smile".

To this day I smile when I play the violin and thank him for all he taught me.



Nozomi Takashima
Staff accompanist at Temple University Center for Gifted Children
Studied at the Curtis Institute of Music

Julian Meyer is one of the most well-known teachers of young people in the region. He has taught Sarah Chang, Elizabeth Pitcairn and countless others that went on to have good careers in music. I have accompanied Julian's studio at Temple University for over 20 years. I think that his great gift is in teaching very young kids. He is demanding but his lessons are so much fun. The kids love it!