Parent Reviews

Before our son Mitchell started his violin study with Mr. Meyer, we knew he was a very strict teacher and he had a great reputation in teaching violin. We have witnessed firsthand how solid his students are in their posture when they play violin and how wonderful they made music with this difficult and delicate instrument. During his years with Mr. Meyer, Mitchell’s violin performance has improved dramatically and the hard to break bad habits that Mitchell had prior were corrected. What we didn’t realize, however, was that Mr. Meyer not only teaches violin lessons, he also teaches valuable life lessons. The discipline he instilled in Mitchell has been very helpful in other aspects of Mitchell’s life. Under the tough façade, there is a great teacher with immense love and generosity towards his students. We consider these past years studying with Mr. Meyer the most precious experience and memory our whole family has had. Although we are happy for him, as he will be near his lovely family, we are all going to miss him tremendously.




Julian, what an honor and privilege it has been for me, Katherine and Andrew to have known you, spent so much time with you and more than that, to count you as our friends...really more like family (and in some ways, better than family). Julian, you have done more for my kids (and me) than I think you realize. Your dedication to hard work, your ardent pursuit and insistence on excellence, your patience and perseverance and yes, your insistence on hard work and attention to detail, have molded their character in ways that affect every aspect of their lives. No other teacher, music or otherwise, no other friend or family member has had such a positive and influential impact. You taught them that they couldn't achieve their goals without hard, steady, methodical work and that not everything in life comes easily. I am very grateful. And more importantly, they feel a special bond...a love for you...and they miss you. (years ago, when they had just started taking lessons with you, I put a sign on their music stands that read, "Would Mr. Meyer think that sounded good?" Those signs are still on their stands. That question still stands behind every practice session, every audition, every performance.




If you look up who taught the best students in the Philadelphia premier youth orchestras, such as Temple Music Prep's Youth Chamber Orchestra or Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, winners of the local orchestra concerto competitions, Starling Scholarship recipients at Temple Music Prep, and Advanced Study Scholarship recipients at Settlement Music School, Julian Meyer is often their first violin teacher.

It is no surprise that many of the best elementary school, middle school, and high school violinists in the Philadelphia area started their violin lessons with Julian Meyer. Julian, or Mr. Meyer to the students, instills a desire in students to succeed with a combination of old-fashioned hard work and discipline, while learning to be inspired by the music. His mantra is concentrate. He demands that all students, whatever their native gifts might be to concentrate and do their best. He provides students with a rare combination of a good technical foundation and musical interpretation. He can move the most motivated and gifted students rapidly through the violin literature, while providing the basic skills. And, he can teach less gifted students to play and excel at the violin as well. His one requirement is that all students show progress by daily practice and hard work.

One attribute that separates Julian's students from the students of other well known teachers of beginners is that most of Julian's students that continued violin with renowned teachers at a higher level are self-motivated, music fanatics, and practice with much less parental cajoling than those students who started with other teachers.

Both of my children started violin with Julian at age 4. He started them with a combination of Suzuki method and traditional violin that was very effective for learning how to hold and manipulate the violin, and read music at the same time. After they were comfortable with playing, memorizing, and practicing, he moved on to tradition music teaching methods. At age four Julian gave my kids a Suzuki piece book, technique books, and scale exercises to learn. Pieces were expected to be memorized, and etudes played with as few mistakes as possible. For the first few years I sat with them and reminded them while they practiced. At some time between ages 8 and 10 they could play and practice on their own. At that point they loved playing violin because they enjoyed the challenge.

I can thank Julian for instilling a positive work ethic toward learning violin, as well as a desire to memorize and perfect their playing. Both of my children (ages 12 and 15) play major virtuoso concertos and currently study with other teachers. They love music, practice without being told, and have very high musical expectations of their performances thanks to Julian Meyer.

Kathy Sellers



My daughter, Lindsay, now 9 years old has studied violin with Julian Meyer since 2008. She has made tremendous progress with Mr. Meyer’s precise and effective instruction. He knew exactly what needed to be fixed after her playing and would work on one element until she managed the skill. Then he would move on to another element so she would not feel overwhelmed. Gradually Lindsay has gained a solid foundation of violin technique through his fun yet challenging teaching style. My youngest son, Linden, also started Violin last year at 5 years old, and he has progressed at an amazing pace. Mr. Meyer is the teacher who can see the potential of each student and always give the complete devotion to inspire his students to play their very best.

Kai Lin




Julian Meyer is truly a talented and gifted violin teacher. We are so blessed to have had someone of his caliber teaching our daughter for the past five years. He has a unique way of inspiring his students to reach inside of themselves to find their own motivation to work hard to grow musically. He instills in them a desire to play beautifully in tone and with heart. He always believes that they can stretch themselves farther than they think they can and he challenges them to go there in an encouraging and supportive way. He helps his students to develop a discerning ear, a great technique and a love of the violin.

Diane Doman





Mr. Meyer has instilled a love for music in my son at a very young ageof 4. We have been so blessed to have such a wonderful teacher who had the right balance of establishing strong fundamentals and disciplines of violin playing while making it fun so that he continued to develop and fluorish under his instruction. Even after moving on for 7 great years, my son remembers him w/ many fond memories.

Annette Kim




Mr. Meyer is a very experienced violin teacher. He teaches with an easy-to-follow curriculum for learning violin from beginning to advanced levels and has clear homework assignments. He demonstrates the violin techniques to students with patience during class so that students can learn them easily. He made learning violin easier by simplifying complex concepts. He identifies the student’s problems and corrects them persistently. Mr. Meyer sets practical standards for students to practice and learn, and students make steady progress. There are recitals where students can show off what they have learned during the year and it is also an opportunity for students to learn from each other. I recommend Mr. Meyer to teach your children violin.

H. Yuan


Student Reviews

I'm glad that I had Mr. Meyer for my first six years of playing the violin. He's an excellent teacher! -Miranda



Over the course of 6 years, my violin teacher Mr. Julian Meyer has taught me many things from learning to play artificial harmonics to Baroque composers. Mr. Meyer has a unique method of teaching, so that every time you leave after your lesson it seems as though you know something new that you wouldn’t have known when you first walked into the classroom. Even though Mr. Meyer and I have been on different ends of the stick, he has made me what I am today. The violin has shaped who I am. I’ve always wondered what my life would be like if I’d never met Mr. Meyer or the violin. I probably would never be like what I am today. -Andrew 11