About Me

I am Julian Meyer, a private violin instructor in Boulder, CO. I am an experienced violinist and teacher who specializes in teaching young children with all levels of talent. My method is to connect with children in a playful manner that makes learning both a serious and fun activity.


In the course of my 40 years of teaching, I have guided several violin students into winning competitions and virtuoso careers, many into becoming professional musicians with orchestras, and even more into the pleasure of just playing. For all my students, music was or became a joyful and integral part of their lives.


Having lived in Philadelphia, PA, most of our life, my wife and I are moving to Boulder, CO, in order to be near our children and granddaughter. I am excited about the double opportunity this move provides. For me, it is a chance to share my expertise by offering private violin lessons to a number of young people in Boulder, CO; for students, it is to enhance and channel their individual talents.



Music is a beautiful thing and a gift you can give your children. Learning to play an instrument is a valuable skill, even a tool for life. Your child does not need to be musically talented to learn to play an instrument. The only requirements are two people: an interested child who wants to try the violin and a parent who is willing to assist.


I have worked with children of all levels, some with moderate ability and some with extraordinary talent. The key is not the level of expertise or natural talent but the willingness to try and enjoy something new. Music and the skill to play it are wonderful gifts to give your child. They last a lifetime.




I invite you to read through my biography to get a better understanding of my career and violin teaching style. Please also take a look at various professional reviews and reviews from parents of current and former violin students. You can also view various videos  of violin lessons and violin recitals to get a better understanding of my teaching style and personality. Most importantly, I welcome the chance to meet personally parents and prospective students; to that end, I suggest a trial violin lesson. Please visit the contact page so we can set up an appointment.